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KEY 1025GL
LibertyLink®GT27 2.5 RM
  • Medium-tall plant with good standability
  • Adapted to narrow row widths over all soil types
  • Great cyst nematode tolerance
  • Highest yielding early group II Liberty GT27 variety
  • Great field tolerance to Phytophthora Root Rot
White Mold 5.0
Iron Chlorosis 6.6
Brown Stem Rot 5.0
Sudden Death 7.1
KEY 1031GL
LibertyLink®GT27 3.1 RM
  • Medium-tall, bushy plant that will canopy quickly
  • Yields well on all soils
  • Great cyst nematode tolerance
  • Consistently yields in the top group of varieties
  • Rps1c gene for PRR protection
White Mold 6.3
Iron Chlorosis 5.0
Brown Stem Rot 4.0
Sudden Death 4.0